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We really needed coffee that could match the quality of our specialist teas, which made it an easy choice to go with Monmouth Coffee, one of the most highly regarded independent roasteries in London. With over 30 years experience sourcing coffee from single source farms, estates and cooperatives, they pride themselves on producing great fresh coffee. We use the Monmouth espresso blend which uses Faenda Santa Ines (Brazil) as the base of the espresso, adding Finca Buena Vista (Columbia) for high notes and complexity and Finca Las Nubes (Guatemala) for cocoa notes

  • Espresso – Single Shot £1.70 / Double Shot £1.90
  • Americano – Regular £1.80 / Large £2.10
  • Cappuccino – Regular £2.20 / Large £2.50
  • Latte – Regular £2.20 / Large £2.50
  • Mocha – Regular £2.75 / Large £2.95
  • Flat White – £2.35

Soft Drinks

Fizzy Drinks/ Water
Coca Cola Bottle £1.95
Diet Coca Cola Bottle £1.95
Spring Water £1.50
Sparkling Spring Water £1.50
Cool Ginger Beer £2.25
Hot Ginger Beer £2.25
Coke Float £2.25

Fruit Juices
St.Clement’s Sparkling Orange & Lemon £2.25
Sicilian Lemonade £2.25
Natural Devon Apple Juice £2.00
Apple & Elderflower £2.00

Hot Chocolate

Why not treat yourself to one of our luxurious hot chocolates;

Classic Hot Chocolate - £2.50
Served with hot steamed milk

Serendipitea Deluxe Hot Chocolate - £2.95
Served with whipped cream, marshmallows and chocolate sauce

After 8 Hot Chocolate - £2.90
Hot Chocolate served with a double shot of mint. Perfect after indulging in one of our lovely handmade cakes

Hazelnut Hot Chocolate - £2.90
For the nutty fans, our classic Hot Chocolateserved with a double shot of hazelnut

Black Forest Hot Chocolate - £2.90
Inspired by the gateau of the same name; A delicious combination of Hot Chocolate and a double shot of cherry