Green Teas

The more traditional green teas have become a lot more popular of late, owing to their health benefits and high levels of antioxidants. What people seem to forget, when boiling their little bags of green pencil shavings, is that green teas can be wonderfully flavoursome with a bold yet fresh taste of sweetness with a little hint of nuttiness. Coincidentally, we have teas just like that:


A Chinese green tea with a very traditional preparation; The leaves are rolled into tight balls to prevent damage and keep in the flavours, and if it ain’t broke don’t fix it! Named Gunpowder because, when brewed, the tight balls will “explode” into the full leaves. Perhaps less of an explosion, more of a slow unfurling, but regardless this creates a perfectly flavoured green brew.


JasmineCalmJasmine Calm

Sometimes in life a cup of tea can be heaven-sent, as it forces you to take time out from things for five minutes, and get things straight in your head. This special blend of jasmine green tea, scented by carefully layering the tea with fresh Jasmine blossoms overnight, and rose petals is perfect for doing just that.


GingerAndLemonGinger and Lemon

Most other ginger and lemon teas, whilst good for helping out with colds and flu, can come off a little bland, and don’t really pack the punch that you were after. This little number, Chunmee green tea with ginger, lemon grass and lime leaves, will blow the cobwebs away with a shotgun.


TuringTeaTuring Tea

Serendipitea’s very special blend named after famous Mancunian Alan Turing. This green tea blend combines two quintessentially British flavours, Pear and Elderflower, to pay tribute to a British hero, code-breaker and all-round genius.


MoroccanMintMoroccan Mint

Serendipitea’s peppermint tea, is a traditional Moroccan blend of Chinese gunpowder green tea, and ground peppermint leaves. A lovely minty accompaniment to the sweetness of the tea leaves, it also works very well to soothe your stomach.