Sweet Teas

It’s hard to disagree that tea and cake go together rather well, so why shouldn’t we take the next logical step and create cake flavoured tea? We should and we have. These pudding inspired blends have a delicate sweetness that means they go especially well with a slice of cake, as much as they represent on their own.

ChocolateAndAlmondChocolate and Almond

A rich, guilt-free blend of almond infused ceylon black tea, chocolate chips, a few more almond pieces and chunks of real cocoa shells. All the fun, none of the calories, so now you can treat yourself to that slice of cake you’ve been eyeing up. Go on. You deserve it.


ManchesterTartManchester Tart

This light, fruity blend mixes whole freeze-dried raspberries with coconut, a little strawberry and flavoured ceylon black tea to pay homage to the classic pudding of Manchester.


BanoffeePieBanoffee Pie

A gorgeous, syrupy-smooth tea blend of banana pieces along with caramel chunks, bright yellow calendula and sunflower petals and vanilla to give an unmistakeable toffee accompaniment. I’d be amazed if this didn’t become our most popular blend.