On to the teas which are not actually made from the “tea” bush – Camellia Sinensis. If it helps, just think of this as the miscellaneous section. All these blends are caffeine-free and, as they can pretty much be made from anything, have some awesomely wide-ranging flavours;


From South Africa, meaning “Red Bush”, this caffeine-free alternative to tea is taking the world by storm. Not just for people who are trying to cut down on caffeine, this leaf has an incredibly unique honey-based flavour that instantly conjures up images of hot,dry climates, and goes exceptionally well with milk. I would pretty much drink this all day if it weren’t for the unfortunate fact that I need caffeine to exist.


PankhurstFloralPankhurst Floral

Our second tribute tea to another famous Mancunian – Emmeline Pankhurst, leader of women’s suffrage in Britain. This remarkably calming blend of Chamomile flowers, lemon balm and rose petals is a celebration of clearer minds winning after all.


CitrusBlitzCitrus Blitz

Bored with the same old fruit teas we created this juicy brew. A smooth blend of orange and carrot, which matches the bitter sharpness of the oranges with the strong sweetness of hibiscus and rosehips, with pieces of carrot and apple to round out the flavour.


SummerLovinSummer Lovin’ (seasonal)

For our summer months we have this exotic concoction of pineapple pieces mixed with strawberries, rosehips and hibiscus to ramp up the sweetness. This is a tropical storm in a teacup, but in a good way, obviously.


WinterWarmerWinter Warmer (seasonal)

When the Winter months are upon us you can enjoy this infusion of winter fruits and cherries, sweet cinnamon, warming ginger and festive cloves. All the winter cheer without the alcohol… sorry!