White teas

The buds and the youngest of leaves of the tea plants are used to make White Tea, so called because fresh tea leaves have a white downy coat. The white teas are a lot more delicate in flavour than green teas, and contain a lot less caffeine, but can produce some of the most refreshing brews. Also, for those interested in the health benefits of Green Tea; White Tea contains considerably more antioxidants, so there you go:

PrincessPeachPrincess Peach

Our peach tea using fine white leaves is a gorgeous trifector of mango, papaya and, of course, peach. Sweet, fruity and certainly worth stomping on a couple of turtles for!

BlueberryAndLavendarBlueberry and Lavender

With the bold flavours of Lavender appeased by the sweet flavours of Blueberry, the delicate nature of the white tea leaves used in this blend are upheld. This makes a very special, vitamin-rich brew, and that’s before we’ve even come on to the treasured calming effect of Lavender, but you probably knew that already…